Nutrition - How to Lose Weight Fast, Tip #1
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Curious how to lose weight fast? Read 1 of 2 quick, natural, effective tips to lose fat including from your stomach, and thighs without pills even after pregnancy.

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How to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight fast, Tip #1: Eat Less

Yep, it's so simple most people refuse to believe it initially especially after being pumped up with relentless marketing hype about metabolic rate, calories, etc. But the Laws of Physics can't be denied. And this tip or fact is based on the Law of Conservation of Mass which reminds us particles can not be created or destroyed. They can only be rearranged or changed into different types of particles. This is true for all particles including food particles. So, the mass or weight of your body will remain the same, plus what gets added and minus what's removed including energy lost. So, if all other things remain unchanged, if your lifestyle and activity level remain constant, and if your food choices remain unchanged (even if they are primarily cheeseburgers and french fries), but you eat less, then you must lose weight. Of course all the folks out there selling pills don't want you to know that. It's hard to make money off you eating less right? Eating less is Tip #1 because it's the fastest, natural, and most effective way to lose weight. Just don't starve yourself to death.

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