Nutrition - How to Lose Weight Fast, Tip #2
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Here is tip 2 on how to lose weight fast.

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How to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight fast, Tip #2: Do More

Remember, Tip 1 mentioned what's removed from your body including "energy lost". When you're active, all sorts of things happen. Become active enough, and you sweat. But that's a loss of mass. You sweat because water transfers heat faster than air. Sweat carries off heat to help regulate rising body temperature. So, you radiate heat and lose energy. Consider the First Law of Thermodynamics; an expression of Conservation of Energy. It states energy can not be created or destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one form to another. The change of your body's internal energy is equal to the amount of heat it generates minus the amount of work you perform. For this reason, there is truth to the age-old advice that exercise will help you lose weight. But, honestly if your only goal is to lose weight then Tip #1 is enough. Just eat less. Exercise is a lot of work, can be painful, dangerous, and may leave you sore afterwards. If percent body fat is a concern, then exercise becomes essential, but that's a totally different goal. Baby Names and Meanings - Who's your baby? eCards - Never forget important dates again Midevil adventure Sudoku Puzzles - Unlimited and free Tarot Readings - Get the answers you need Tae Kwon Do Word Search - Make your own puzzles