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0.01 g100 gramsLysineOrange drink, breakfast type, with juice and pulp, frozen concentrate
0.00 g100 gramsLysinePuddings, tapioca, dry mix
0.00 g100 gramsLysinePuddings, tapioca, dry mix, with no added salt
0.00 g100 gramsLysineGrape juice cocktail, frozen concentrate, diluted with 3 volume water, with added ascorbic acid
0.00 g100 gramsLysineTea, instant, sweetened with sugar, lemon-flavored, with added ascorbic acid, powder
0.00 g100 gramsLysinePuddings, banana, dry mix, regular, with added oil
0.00 g100 gramsLysineCoffee, brewed from grounds, prepared with tap water, decaffeinated
0.00 g100 gramsLysinePuddings, lemon, dry mix, regular, with added oil, potassium, sodium
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