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This is page 25 of 26 displaying 204 foods ordered by their concentration of Theobromine per 100 grams. Click any food name to see its full nutritional profile.

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8.00 mg100 gramsTheobrominePie, chocolate mousse, prepared from mix, no-bake type
6.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineCake, boston cream pie, commercially prepared
5.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineFrozen novelties, No Sugar Added, FUDGESICLE pops
5.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineIce creams, chocolate, light, no sugar added
5.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineCake, cherry fudge with chocolate frosting
4.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineTea, instant, sweetened with sodium saccharin, lemon-flavored, powder, decaffeinated
2.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineFrozen novelties, ice cream type, sundae, prepackaged
2.00 mg100 gramsTheobromineCereals ready to eat, composite character cereals (movies, TV), brand A
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